In November of 1987 a small group of people met in Arty and Jackie Hart’s home to pray, worship, and seek God. The group didn’t have a name at first and wasn’t affiliated with any church. It simply wanted to know God in new and different ways.

Shortly after the group began meeting, Arty and a couple of men attended a conference in South Florida on small group ministry. During the drive down, Arty talked about his vision for a church. At the conference, the speaker (Jack Little) spoke about the vision of the Vineyard movement. It was just what Arty had described in the car!

The group continued to meet in the Hart living room, and a church evolved as friends and neighbors came to faith in Christ. In November 1988 the group officially became the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Gainesville.

Over the years, the Vineyard has met in many locations. In October 1999 it moved into its current location on 8th Avenue.