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Want Financial Freedom? Take a look at Dave Ramsey’s resources and tools below. Our goal is to have 50% of our congregation out of debt in 5 years!  Take advantage of the worksheets, calculators, and individual assistance.

Watch a three part mini series click on the image below:


Here are some resources you might find helpful on your financial journey:


Week 1 – The Basics of Biblical Finance
Week 2- Breaking the bondage of debt
Week 3- The #1 myth about money

Group discussion questions


  • The Basic Quickie Budget – This form will help you get your feet wet in the area of budgeting.
  • Debt_Snowball_form - Now it’s time to knock out that debt!
  • College Planning – In order to have enough for college, you must aim at something.
  • Plan for retirement – Too many people use the READY-FIRE-AIM approach to retirement planning. That’s a bad plan. You need to aim first.
  • Breakdown of Savings Worksheet – This sheet will remind you that every dollar in your savings account is already committed to something.
  • Irregular Income Planning – This is especially common for the self-employed, as well as commission-based salespeople. While this makes it more difficult to predict your income, you are still responsible for doing a monthly budget!


Follow up:

Email the church office if you would like  individual assistance with the forms above. Email Michelle at

To access Financial Peace University’s Member Resource Center, click on the image below:

You’ll have access to a wealth of information including lessons, downloads, videos, and more!


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