Vineyard 5 Step Healing Prayer Model

This is the 5 step prayer model developed by John Wimber and adopted by the Vineyard movement. It is not meant to be used as a rigid formula to obtain results but as a flexible, relational model to help those not used to praying for others recognize what the Father is doing and saying and agree with it in prayer. Remember that this is about loving the person you’re praying for. At the very least we want whomever you are praying for to feel loved and honored regardless of any other outcomes.

Step 1: The Interview

Introduce yourself then ask their name and why they would like prayer?

  • Natural level: what can you see?
  • Supernatural: what is the Father doing? Listen for Words of Knowledge, discernment or pictures
  • Get the facts
  • We’re not doctor’s so if you don’t understand the nature of their condition ask them more about it.
  • Move to the next stage when ready

Step 2: The Diagnosis

Why do they have this condition?

  • Natural causes: disease, accident;
  • Sin: committed by them or against them
  • Emotional hurts causing physical pain
  • Relationship problems
  • Unforgiveness
  • Supernatural (demonic)
  • Ask for God’s help. It is ok to pray in tongues, but make sure it’s ok w/the person you’re praying for first. If they’re not comfortable then pray “in the Spirit” quietly.
  • If you have a word of knowledge or something like that, present it gently & humbly. Put it in the form of a question so the person can verify it.

Step 3: Prayer Selection

What kind of prayer shall I pray to help this person?

  • We believe in the “laying on of hands” however, always ask permission.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to come and minister to the person
  • Ask for God to heal
  • Keep praying in the Spirit
  • Command of faith Acts 3:6
  • Pronouncement of faith John 4:50
  • Demonic – rebuke (break their power) bind them (contain) expel (get rid).

Step 4: Prayer Engagement

How are you doing?

  • Keep your eyes open and watch for the effects. Physical signs (warmth, tingling, shaking etc)
  • Ask questions: “how are you doing?” “what’s going on right now,” “are you seeing/hearing/feeling anything right now?
  • Stop when: They wish to stop, you run out of things to pray, It seems like it’s not going anywhere or when they’re completely healed.
  • Remove your hands, talk to them to indicate you are stopping.

Step 5: Post Prayer Direction

What are the next steps?

  • Receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour
  • Spend time with God
  • Read their Bibles
  • Get involved or keep involved in the local church
  • Check with their doctor. Always ask them to do this especially if it’s a major medical condition. This will prove that it’s a miracle and it’s an opportunity to tell the story!